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HIV antibodies ‘have potent impact’ A potential new HIV treatment has a “profound and unprecedented” impact on the virus, according to animal studies published in the journal Nature. Potent antibodies were able to wipe a hybrid of human and monkey immunodeficiency viruses from the bloodstream of monkeys within days. The findings could “revolutionise” the search … Read more

Mapping the future of land rights for global development Land matters for sustainable economies, livelihoods, human rights, and the environment- the development community cannot afford for land to be a trend. Expert panelists from DAI, Chemonics International, USAID, and Omidyar Network sat down with Devex to discuss what land rights mean for the future of … Read more

Airtel Partners With Wikimedia Foundation to Bring Free Access to Wikipedia to 70 Million People in 17 Countries Partnership will introduce innovative ways to access Wikipedia on mobile devices in Sub-Saharan Africa Airtel customers to access multilingual content on Wikipedia mobile site free of data charges First-of-its-kind pilot initiative in Africa will provide free access … Read more