Productivity, integration and cohesion

Money reduces productivity of a society because as people accumulate money they tend to be less personally productive and higher consumers. It also has a …

March to close down all slaughterhouses

Source: March to close down all slaughterhouses

Indian state wins coveted UN award

  Known as God’s own country, Indian state Kerala, for the first time, has won the prestigious Ulysses Prize from United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation …

Space Scientists from Japan Invented a Tether to Clear up Earth’s Orbits Mess

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Solve for X.

Wild Weather: Met Office Calls Urgent Talks

The Met Office is to hold an unprecedented meeting of experts next week to try and work out the cause of unseasonal weather in recent …

Office for National Statistics (ONS)


Met Office: UK: severe weather warnings

Met Office: UK: severe weather warnings: ‘via Blog this’